Every once in a while, you will find a nice stone on your path of life. You pick it up; feel its smoothness, its weight. You wrap your hand around it and while walking you realize that the stone will remain here, long after you are gone. With a feeling of respect and with a smile on your face you let go of the stone and continue your path.

I also found stones, so many of them and all unique. Ordinary stones, and yet so special. I held on to them a little longer, only to release them after adding something of myself. Color, fantasy, inspiration. With love and care, each stone has been transformed into a small piece of art.

Then, I released these stones, the "Veynes Stones". Special chosen spots in nature from the most beautiful art gallery imaginable for what I made. The art gallery determines its destiny. Fait determines where the stone will evertually be, if it will even be found or if will just merge into nature again. Each finder is as unique as the stone is. 

That special moment of finding  the stone and acknowledge its beauty. The time spend and the attention paid to make it pretty and to seek a beautiful spot to let go of it again. My special way of documenting it.... all of this could be a message to an unknown receiver. "Do you also love this place?" This stone is for you, just because you are where we have been. This is a greeting to you, whoever you are.

I hope to leave small unexpected presents to a variety of finders all over the world. And I hope you will say: "I found a stone !"

Roelof Lange 

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You, of course, may keep the stone ;-)

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